Android App Development

Android App Development

Just give wings to your imagination; we’ll develop the rest of the out-of-the-box product

Android Applications enables us to bring our ideas to life, leveraging the immense technology that is at the fingertips of billions of people worldwide. Now-a-days, android application technology becomes ubiquitous enough that it can be used to solve several real-world problems, which were previously found to be quite challenging and difficult. However, the boundaries get pushed further with each passing year and newer technology becoming more accessible by the masses. We at Insol Applications live on the cutting edge of those technological advancements and help you utilize them to bring your ideas to market.

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Fast & Accurate

We always strives hard to develop android applications that are laser-focused on providing the right info at the right time to the user, allowing them to take the desired action immediately.

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Mobile applications are all about user experience. We aim to deliver an experience that the user will want to make part of their routine, and not be able to live without once they have gone through it.

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The heart of any successful mobile application is – Security and Privacy, and we make this our top priority. Users, who install our mobile application, trust that the information will be handled with utmost care and we take this responsibility really seriously.


  • Awesome quality delivered every time
  • On Time Delivery
  • Constant Contact
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Friendly in nature
  • Highly Technical
  • Total Technical Mastery
  • Experienced Team

Benefits of Android application for your business

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High return on Investment

Uploading an app in Google Play is relatively inexpensive. But you need an awesome app to grab the attention of the users in order in make the app successful.

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Monetization options

There are many ways to make your app commercially viable, like accepting advertisements. But first you need a very good app that people find worth downloading.

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Unlimited Options

Our design is with responsive in mind. Our themes are compatible with various desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

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How We Build Excellent Android App Design?

Understanding what Client want
  • Understanding and analyzing client app idea
  • Profiling the app’s potential user to identify key variables
  • Refining the initiative to make it more desirable for client and the user as well
  • Creating and approving upon the Final Requirement Document
  • In the last step, finalizing the milestones
Developing the Code
  • Creating all the app assets
  • Coding the basic mechanics of the app
  • Delivering the first draft
  • Based on the inputs, re-working on the app
  • Creating UI elements and integrating all the elements
Designing your app
  • Selecting the right style of design for the app
  • Building the initial draft for the app design
  • Sketching down on the final app design
Submitting the ready-to-use app
  • Assessing and testing the final quality of the product
  • Submitting the final app to the client
  • Submitting the app to Android store

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