Email Marketing


Insol Applications is the best Email Marketing Company/Agency in Hyderabad. Email Marketing is the second best online marketing strategy and we help you make use of this strategy effectively. We offer different email marketing campaigns depending on your needs. Generation of leads, promotions (special offers or product catalog), customer relationship management, etc can be some of your needs. The digital marketing team at Insol Applications (Hyderabad) has deep insight into the process of email marketing and strategies to use to get the best outcome.

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Our process for Email marketing at Insol Applications

We ensure that we are on the same wavelength as our clients on their email marketing requirements. The next step is to design the email template in a way that creates maximum impact on the viewer (which improves chances of conversion). Impact measurement can be done through A/B testing. With data from the test, we choose the most effective template. Email marketing allows us to monitor open, click and conversion ratio, and analysis of this data enables us to create a better campaign for you. So, are you ready for your first Insol email marketing campaign?

Email Marketing: An effective Digital Marketing strategy

Email marketing is as personalized and customized as digital marketing can get. Behind every successful B2C relationship is effective email marketing. Moreover, email marketing is cost effective and has a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI).