The country with over 1,300 million population, and a robust healthcare system recognized worldwide, India has been known for its medicines and treatments for ages. Citizens from all across the globe visit the country for better treatment at affordable rates, making India one of the major medical tourism hubs as the country treats Citizen Safety as of prime importance.

A centralized Citizen Data repository is an aggregated data platform where Electronic Health Records (EHRs) could be stored and access of later use. It enables Health Care Professionals, Healthcare units and Doctors to access detailed treatment procedures.

The FHIR Compatible ICD based standard is considered to be the most comprehensive, multilingual clinical healthcare terminology in the world. It is used to encode the meanings that are used in health information and to support the effective clinical recording of data with the aim of improving Citizen care.

Once developed, the Citizen Data repository will prove beneficial in programs like the National Digital Health Mission and Arogya Bharat, where the former aims at developing the necessary backbone to bridge the existing gap amongst different stakeholders of Healthcare ecosystem through digital highways.

The centralized data will enable the Government to strategically plan the policies and programs and steer them in the required direction. Additionally, this data repository will help in managing and controlling COVID-19 like situations in future.