About insolapplications

INSOL is a comprehensive group providing technology solutions spanning over a range of products services.

We provide professional counsel and multiple solutions and services for a variety of industry verticals. Our solutions and services include Building IT Consortiums; Managed IT enabled Services, IT automation solutions, Application Software Development & Maintenance, Healthcare solutions, End-to-End Educational, Learning and Skill Assessment Solutions, Business Intelligence, IT consulting and various Electronics and Embedded system services, Mobile Application development, QA Testing, Cloud Testing.

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Lyfile Digital Health.

The country with over 1,300 million population, and a robust healthcare system recognized worldwide, India has been known for its medicines and treatments for ages.

  • Hospital Management System with Data Analytics – Out Patient + In patient
  • Polyclinic Management System with Data Analytics – Out Patient
  • Integrated Pharmacy Management System - (Drug Directory + Inventory + Retail)
  • Integrated Lab Management System - (Biochemistry + Microbiology + Pathology)
  • Radiology Information Management System

SRAN-Skilled Resource Authentication Network.

SRAN, Skilled Resource Authentication Network project helps Students, Educational institutions and various industry segments to work together. It also gives flexibility to the Government to supervise all the elements and streamline the process of tracking students through their various levels of Education and Employment.

SRAN GLOBAL brings Education and Employment under one umbrella and the solution Integrates Companies with Educational Institutions for creating genuine employment.